A road, a sheep track...

... are, in the logo, the white signs that lead to the Borgo di Santo Stefano and cross it between green hills stretching towards the red threshold of the sunset. White, green and red, the prevailing colors of a landscape that enter the B&B to characterize the rooms reserved for guests: green, white and red.


We offer a standard of service that accompanies the care of a pleasant and clean environment with a family-like welcome


From the village of Santo Stefano, a fraction of the Molise capital, it is possible to reach interesting tourist destinations, between 30-60 kilometers away and located in the mountainous area of Matese and Mainarde and along the Adriatic coast


The idea is to offer an outdoor area not as a space to cross, but as a resting place for a life of relationships. A play area has been inserted in this place with the aim of offering a sustainable stay, suitable for children.

The foundation in our life is the system of relationships with others, with nature, with all of creation. Immersed in nature, the Santo Stefano B&B also wants to be a living space with the feeling of love most present in our hearts.

The ancient Greek language established three classifications of love: Eros, Philos and Agape, each with its place in each heart. Each type of love can lead to similar states and each of us has different stages encompassing all three different types of love throughout the cycle of life.

The three bedrooms express and testify, through the prevalence of the furnishings in red, white and green colors, to the beauty of these types of love: Eros, Philos and Agape.

Room 3 "The red" - Eros and Passion

Eros always occurs between two people and connotes romantic relationships, the erotic love that occurs when physical and sexual attraction leads lovers to be physically together. Eros causes proverbial sparks and leads to becoming romantically and sexually involved.

Room 2 “La bianca” - Philos and Romanticism

Eros can blossom in a relationship between two people in a true love, in which case the Philos comes to offer companionship and romance for partners, the profound sharing of one's life.

Room 1 “La verde” - Agape and family

Eros can mature into a more stable, lasting relationship and become involved in marriage, in the family. It is perfect love, like that which is expressed in God in his relationship with creation, of being his for others.

Main Services

Each room, in addition to the essential furnishings for rest, is equipped with an en suite bathroom, desk and television as well as wi-fi internet connection

Bathroom in the room

All the rooms of the B&B are equipped with bathroom.

Scrittoio, TV e wi-fi

Desk, TV and wi-fi

Each room is equipped with a small desk and smart TV. The B&B offers Wi-Fi internet connection throughout the entire hotel.


If instead of a dinner away from home, you are tired and just want to fully enjoy a quiet evening, why not use the barbecue in the garden?


There is a comfortable, reserved garden area. Santo Stefano di Campobasso enjoys a mild climate throughout the year. Particularly in the hottest summer months, the air remains cool and breezy.


Private internal parking is available for guests of the bed & breakfast.

Sala lettura

Reading room

Guests of the B&B can devote themselves, during their stay, to reading the books in our collection reserved for them. You will find books of various kinds! You will also find brochures and books on Molise of various kinds.

Our passions

Angela and Peppe will be happy to welcome you to the B&B Santo Stefano with a welcome tasting, accompanied by some locally produced biscuits and a bag of lavender flowers.

Officinal plants

The B&B owners' passion for medicinal plants allows them to satisfy curiosity about the cultivation and use of these herbs, including the extraction of essential oils and flavored waters. A bag with lavender flowers will be their gift for choosing to stay in the B&B Santo Stefano.

In the cellar

Nature enters the cellar of the owners of the B&B through the production, at family level, of some liqueurs: Ratafia, Basil and mint, Mandarin, Chocolate with mint, Lemon and mint and others. The Prugnolino deserves particular mention, which with its bright red, taken from local tintilia and gooseberries, tells of the colors and scents of the Molise hills. The gooseberry harvest is difficult, as it defends its properties, even as a natural antioxidant, with merciless, long thorns.

Get in Touch

Where to find us

Via Moscatelli, 38 - Campobasso (CB) - Italy

How to contact us

Email: info@bandbsantostefano.it

Fisso: +39 0874 1919515
Angela: +39 333 7291851
Peppe: +39 339 6284050